What if your salespeople arrived each day armed with the processes and accurate data and contact information needed to do their job? Can you imagine the results you’d see if their time was spent communicating the benefits, features, and results of your product to the right people instead of wading through red tape trying to find the right person?  

The results would be astounding. That’s the power of accurate data. The problem is, it seems more and more difficult to acquire that information. Our team prioritized accessibility to accurate data for the sake of our sales team and what happened transformed our business.  

By supplying our sales team with qualified lists of institutional investors to call on we achieved a number of key goals: 

  1. We experienced a greater return on our investment on the sales team because they were spending their time setting meetings, not prospecting trying to figure out who to call on; 
  2. We had happier, more productive salespeople because they were spending their time on productive activities, which reduced turnover; and 
  3. This resulted in a bigger “top of the funnel” because the sales team could cover more ground more quickly because they were spending their time calling on qualified buyers.

Because we were able to leverage the right data, we were able to build a bigger pipeline leading to raising more assets.  Why?  Our sales team was focused on what mattered most: fostering quality relationships with prospects which in turn secured more sales.  

It cannot be emphasized enough the concept of staying focused on what matters most. If you are in sales and you are not spending time calling on and seeing people who buy what you sell you are wasting your time. 

When you have accurate data to work with, your sales team can then implement a process that keeps you and your sales team focused on seeing people who buy what you sell. If you can focus on the specific activities that lead to seeing people who buy what you sell, the process becomes much easier.

As a sales leader consider the importance and power of accurate data as it pertains to your sales strategy. If you make it a priority to deliver qualified, accurate and updated lists of investors to your salespeople to call on, you achieve greater control over the productivity of your sales team and clarity around sales efforts and results.  Learn more about how to acquire this level of quality information for your sales organization by visiting, DakotaLive.com