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Speaking to millennials has little to do with words. It is about understanding what this generation values, how they consume information, and the factors that play into their decision-making. Many companies run primarily by baby boomers and Generation Xers are failing to reach the vast millennial market.

Gui Costin is an expert on millennial behavior and how it affects the way we should approach selling. He is the author of Millennials Are Not Aliens and founder of Stage Investor Network, a digital platform created as a millennial-friendly approach to selling high-quality investment strategies to institutional investors.

“Change, growth, and evolution are clearly the new norms.”

Gui is passionate about sharing what he’s learned with others in order to help other entrepreneurs and executives evolve their businesses in a way that keeps them strong and relevant. Speaking to audiences of all sizes on the following subjects:

  • The Foundations of Millennial Behavior
  • Content is King: Reach Your Audience
  • Millennial Buying Habits: The Anti-Sales Pitch
  • IRL: How Millennials Interact and Connect

All presentations can be tailored to your audience’s specific needs and interests. Contact us today to book Gui Costin to speak at your next event!

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Gui Costin has tirelessly researched what makes millennials tick and compiled his findings into his new book, Millennials Are Not Aliens.