The Power of Accurate Data

What if your salespeople arrived each day armed with the processes and accurate data and contact information needed to do their job? Can you imagine the results you’d see if their time was spent communicating the benefits, features, and results of your product to the right people instead of wading through red tape trying to… [Read the full article]

The 3 Step Approach to a Successful Sales Narrative

The importance of a compelling message or pitch can’t be stressed enough. After all, if your prospect doesn’t know what you are selling, how can they be interested? Your job as a sales professional is to make the buying process as easy as possible for the buyer. You can do this by defining the problem… [Read the full article]

The 3 Pillars to a Successful Sales Approach

When it comes to raising capital for investment strategies, the best strategies are rooted in basic sales principles. Our team has tailored these principles to yield the highest levels of success based on over 20 years of working with over 30 different investment firms. Our firm has raised over $25 billion for our clients and… [Read the full article]

Creating a Culture of Sales Leaders

As the founder of Dakota Funds and after being in business since 1989, I truly believe the single most important aspect of a company’s success is its culture. Your culture is more than just a buzz term or a trending topic. It impacts your employees and how they perform, which impacts the performance of your… [Read the full article]

Avoid the Most Common Mistake Made by Salespeople

You’ve found the right contact and delivered a compelling message – that must mean the sale has been made and they’ll call you up ready to move forward.  We all know that’s not how it works.  And yet, follow-up is the single biggest failure of most salespeople. They can get the meeting, perform well in… [Read the full article]

Sell Apples to Apple Buyers

Selling apples to apple buyers seems obvious enough, right? However, too often sales teams find themselves trying to convince orange buyers to buy apples—leading to dismal results. When you focus on those who are the right buyer and you have a high-quality product that you can effectively explain, you will be successful. So how do you connect… [Read the full article]

Millennial Behaviors

Who are they? It’s easy to believe the Millennial generation can be generalized into simple categories. You’ll always find them with mobile devices in their hands, posting to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. They’re more open-minded about social issues like climate change and sexual orientation. Brands are studying Millennial spending habits and trends meticulously to learn… [Read the full article]

Assessing User Engagement

Before you can assess and understand your user engagement, you should know what it is. User engagement is a measure of how individuals respond to your products or company presentation materials such as your company’s website or mobile applications. Downloads from that site, shares, or the total number of clicks on the website are all… [Read the full article]

Practicing Enkrateia and Overcoming Akrasia

Do you procrastinate? From time to time, just about everyone has failed to follow through with their commitments or intentions. We all would prefer rewards now rather than later, and discount the future disproportionately relative to how far away it is. In other words, we often tend to act against our own interests. Let’s take… [Read the full article]

How Environmental Factors Influence the Traits of Each Generation

Each generation has unique expectations, experiences, generational history, lifestyles, values, and demographics that influence their buying behaviors. Accordingly, many companies are reaching out to multi-generational consumers and trying to understand and gain the attention of these diverse buyers.   This type of multi-generational marketing is the practice of appealing to the unique needs and behaviors of… [Read the full article]